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Tailoring Courses

Learn from Jojo Remeny

Draping and dressmaking course

Learn how to cut your own dress pattern from your own body called draping. This method was used by fashion designers back in “olden days” and some famous designers, Madeline Vionnet and Cristobal Balenciaga used this technique to great effect. Jojo will teach you a simple and easy way of draping your own body shape on a dummy. Once you have acquired this simple way you can make your own dress designs. Jojo will teach you how to cut your own pattern and sew a dress-up using tailoring and couture techniques.

You will learn how to: Make basic blocks and adapt to make dress patterns How to hold scissors and cut fabric correctly, How to use the sewing machine, how to handle fabric, how to shrink and ease in the fabric when working on and sewing different fabrics, inserting zips the correct way, making a dress to completion.

Waistcoats and trousers tailoring Course

You can choose between trouser making or waistcoats. Jojo will teach you how to pattern draft your own trousers and then make up a bespoke pair of trousers to completion You will learn traditional skills and includes how to make traditional tailored handstitched buttonholes. You will learn a unique way of draping a waistcoat pattern that only Jojo does and no tailor does this way. You will then make up a waistcoat using wool fabric and learn all traditional tailoring techniques This course includes how to make traditional hand-stitched buttonholes.

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Tailoring Course 4

CLOTHING Alterations course

You will be taught various methods on how to:
Shorten trousers, skirts, jackets, and all garments the professional way.
The course also includes:
Zip replacement on jeans, trousers and invisible zip replacement on dresses and skirts. Taking in jackets, shortening jacket sleeves, replacing shirt cuffs and collars.


  • One to one class (no classrooms full of students)
  • Jojo goes into micro details full of information that big classes cannot teach you
  • Pop in and see Jojo if you are interested in joining one of the 3 courses
  • All courses include all fabric, Patten cutting paper and all tools and equipment for each student to keep
  • No other course in the UK gives all students all tools and equipment to keep and gives as much fabric and pattern cutting paper each student needs
  • Loan of dummy and sewing machine included ..(deposit required)
  • Later this year Jojo will start a new bespoke shirt making course
  • Jojo is currently offering online courses on draping and dressmaking which will be ready in October

Draping and dressmaking course

15 hours over 5 weeks.
3 hours per week


21 hours over 7 weeks.
3 hours per week


15 hours
3 hours per week

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