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Made to measure

HANDCRAFTED to your specification

If you are on a budget but still want a well-fitting suit that no off the peg shop suit will fit you properly, then a made to measure suit is your best choice. Jojo will show you in house fabrics and linings you can choose and you can design your suit with different finishes and colour combinations.

You will be measured up, and measurements are sent off to an English company to make up the suit for you. The suit will come back partly finished ready for a fitting, Jojo will chalk up what alterations need doing and then sent back to the company.

The suits are all made here in England and not sent abroad.
  • Usually, there is a 4-week turnaround for 1st fitting then additional 3-4 week for completion of the suit
  • Prices start from £900
  • You can opt for a semi-bespoke with hand stitches and full canvas. Prices start from £1000

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