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Bespoke Suits


Jojo makes traditional bespoke suits using full canvas and handstitched buttonholes. There is an extensive range of beautiful cloth bunches you can choose from.

How is the suit tailored to the customers’ specification?

    • Step 1. Once the initial informal chat about your requirements of suits is discussed, JoJo will measure you and a pattern is made accordingly. The suit will then be cut out and temporalily stitched together for a 1st fitting.
    • Step 2. Once Jojo Remeny and the customer is satisfied with any alterations that need re-working, the suit Is taken apart, recut and pockets and made hand-stitched canvases placed into the suit ready for a 2nd fitting.
    • Step 3. Once 2nd fitting is done, the suit is finished off ready for Final 3rd fitting with just hand-stitched buttonholes, hand-stitched edge stitching and buttons to complete the suit.

Bespoke 2-piece suits start from £1850

Bespoke Designer Suits made by Jojo Remeny

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